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Melissa Pearl Bracelet

RM 35.00
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Product Description 

A simple yet eye-catching bracelet that suits all types of occasions, the Melissa Pearl Bracelet is the perfect line between elegance and simplicity. 

Wear it with anything and watch your outfit pop! 

Our dust bag is complimentary with a purchase of RM50 and above but you can choose to add-on here 😊

Melissa is a given name for females which derives from the Greek word Mélissae meaning 'honeybee' which in turn derives from the word meli, a.k.a 'honey'. Melissa was also the name of the nymph** that protected the Greek god Zeus from his infant-eating father, Cronus and nursed Zeus with honey. 
**( a mythological creature that inhibits natural habitats)

Material & Measurements

14k Gold Plated, Baroque pearls and Cubic Zirconia Diamonds. Do note that no two pearls will look identical, and their surfaces will not be perfectly even as they are 100% natural. 

Length: 17cm 

As natural pearls come not identical, do note that their length/width differ, hence there is a slight difference in the bracelet measurements, therefore;

Please measure your wrist before purchase! Upon checking out, you can drop your wrist measurement in the remark box, so that we can check if the bracelet fits you. 

Otherwise, you can always contact us on Instagram at @cappico.co 

Care Instructions

Although made with quality materials, please ensure that you store it in a cool dry place when not wearing. Do not expose it to harsh liquids or chemicals as that would cause it to tarnish. It may be water resistant, but definitely not waterproof, so do minimize it's exposure to water too. 

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